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Designer Samantha Richelle reflects a collaboration of luxury and streetwear design in one collection.Using minimalist tailoring and androgyny to empower you. Each piece carries attitude, throwing tradition on its head giving you effortless style, re-imagined.

We inspire to be the future of fearless streetwear, defining your own modern lifestyle.

A Chat With The Designer


Known as ‘SAM’ to her nearest and dearest, she opens up on her vision, inspirations and what led to the creation of Samantha Richelle. It’s a brand that bucks the trend and dares you to be different.

Growing up with Sam, it was no surprise when she turned her love for fashion into a career. I got to witness her develop her style over the years, becoming what it is today. Having previewed her first line, I think it’s a perfect embodiment of how she loves to dress. It’s an edgy mix of serious silhouettes with flirty details, masculine undertones with feminine flair.

We started with a chat about her design story:

‘As an Arts Major and then moving into fashion, I still wanted to have art implemented in the pieces I produced. Whether it is a painting, pattern or a beautifully pleated skirt I wanted each piece to be a piece on its own. ‘

Who do you see as your market?

‘I see my designs catering to men and woman alike. People who buy my clothes will know exactly who they are, like to experiment and have fun with fashion. I don’t see fashion as having rules – and I want the men and women to feel good, strong and empowered when they wear a piece from the collection. I want them to feel confident.’

Wait, you mentioned men could also wear your clothes?

‘Yes, men too! Fashion is so fluid and as we learn more about cultures and eras, I am confident that today’s man could easily wear some of the pieces from the collection. The pieces can be unisex as they are big and boxy and can be worn as fitted or oversized. I want my customers to be able to redefine their own style with my pieces.

Tell me more about what led you to this:

‘Well, as you know, my earliest memories I have in fashion were when I used to watch my mum get dressed and be in awe of all her pretty clothes. My mum really mastered the tailored pant suit.

I always loved the masculine silhouette on a woman – to me; it is so sexy and glamourous. So this led to the start of my career dabbling in menswear design whilst I was living in Los Angeles. I then moved into woman’s wear; taking inspiration from men’s tailoring…. And this is how I found my style and what I enjoy wearing. I actually saw a really great quote the other day:

‘To me, Givenchy is a world where woman and men alike are strong, stoic and mysterious. They own their power and share it equally.

I love this quote and I would wish everyone would see this same ethos in my brand and the collections.’

What would you say are your inspirations?

‘Well, other inspirations would be through my travels to different places in the world. I love to travel; everywhere I go, whether it’s a new or a familiar place, it’s the cultures and the history, the architecture, even just people watching that inspire me.’

You’ve now gotten a glimpse into the makings of Samantha Richelle and I cannot wait to see what happens next.