Founder and creative director, Samantha Richelle Bolkiah, introduces a fresh take on street style. Her varied interests in cinematography, travel, art and the power suit are conveyed through inspired and classic ready-to-wear collections that transcend time.

This vibrant brand’s attention to detail and androgynous designs, with specific nods to art, quality and fabric make each collection that much more fun to own!

The Samantha Richelle brand is founded in Brunei, and ethically-manufactured in Manila.


Samantha studied fashion and design at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles. Having spent time in Brunei, London, America and the Philippines exposed her to various cultures, art and ignited her passion for traveling.


Through each collection, we aim to empower you to express yourselves. There is nothing sexier than a confident man or woman and we hope that you have fun with each piece.

As a brand, we are very conscious of how we manufacture each piece and source materials required for each collection. We strongly believe in fair pay and ethically sourced pieces so that our environmental impact is kept to a minimum whilst providing the best opportunities to the community through fair-condition jobs.