A good mix of easy street wear and no-nonsense structured pieces, Samantha Richelle’s brand is best described as androgyny with a hard twist. Having been trained at Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising in Los Angeles, the designer set out to start her own line with the pieces carefully and ethically manufactured in Manila.

Heavily influenced by the designer’s travels around Europe, Northern America, and of course Asia, the garments are made with telling references to architecture, art, and design.

The ultimate end result of the design process is a garment thoughtfully crafted by a team of meticulous and skilled hands in the Philippines, designed to be worn by fans of the SR label around the world.


The label is fully committed to learning more about its role this day and age of sustainable fashion. As a start, the brandʼs packaging is made of recycled material while all designs of each collection are created in limited quantities so as to avoid wastage and its vicious cycle.

As a brand, we are very conscious of how we manufacture each piece and source materials required for each collection. We strongly believe in fair pay and ethically sourced pieces so that our environmental impact is kept to a minimum whilst providing the best opportunities to the community through fair-condition jobs.