Design District

With a cast of characters called in for a little guerilla shoot, the designer’s little sister and artful accomplice Karraminah del Rosario lensed Samantha Richelle’s latest drops.

Enter model Charles Docherty, with his cotton hoodies and worn-out kicks, the pair was shot on the streets of Marylebone roughly under an hour. “I had this idea of them coming as they are and we’d just play with the pieces they had on,” says Samantha.

Another addition to the set was London based hair specialist (and good friend)
Jade Williams, clad in SR, ready to be shot by the sisterly collaboration that was in effect, a weekday hangout disguised as a photo shoot.

The styling, or lack thereof, provides easy testament to the brand’s premise of
having pieces one can throw on minutes before hitting the streets.

Photographer : Karraminah del Rosario
Models : Charles Docherty and Jade Williams.

FEB 7, 2019